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The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask While Choosing The Best Vaginal Moisturizer

Before making any valuable purchase, you should always take precautions, especially when your health is in question. Here are a few things you must consider while choosing a vaginal moisturizer.

What is the composition of the moisturizer?

Vaginal moisturizers are water-based, containing glycerine, glyceryl polymethacrylate, petroleum, and perfume. Besides knowing the ingredients, you should be able to differentiate between water and glycerin-based products to make an organic choice. It is common for women to get yeast infections because of using glycerin waste products. Organic products that have essential oils instead of numerous preservatives can be the best choice for optimal vaginal care.

Millennial Naturals uses organic ingredients in their vaginal care products to maintain a specific pH balance and keep yeast infections in check. 

Can vaginal moisturizers cause bacterial vaginosis?

Yes and no. Many women are aware that not all moisturizers can be used for intimate care, which is why they turn to vaginal moisturizers. But many companies get away with creating low-quality products by adding glycerin to the moisturizer. This defeats the purpose as glycerin can cause bacterial vaginosis, thus giving a false impression that vaginal moisturizers cause bacterial vaginosis. A common symptom of such an imbalance is a fishy odor accompanied by constant itchiness. 

However, the creators at Millennial Naturals are aware of this issue and have taken precautionary steps against it. Vitamins and essential oils are necessary to fight the microbes causing bacterial vaginosis, which is why Millenial Naturals has the perfect composition for a complete vaginal detox. 

Is it safe for UTI susceptible women to use vaginal moisturizers?

For women who suffer from urinary tract infections on a regular basis, using vaginal moisturizers may not be the way to go, as they contain added preservatives that can further increase the risk of contracting UTIs. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, don't fret; Millennial Naturals has cleansing wipes to kickstart your vaginal healing process. 

Is it safe to swallow moisturizers?

One would naturally assume a vaginal moisturizer to be safe for ingestion, considering anyone would want their intimates to taste as good as they smell. Millennial Naturals brings you the best lubricants that are completely water-based and contain organic ingredients like olive oil, vaginal suppositories for dryness, coconut oil, and their special Kitty syrup. Oral sex is now possible even while maintaining proper hygiene. 

Are there any medicinal values for repairing vaginal tissues of the moisturizer?

Most moisturizers are water-based and can act as lubes. Depending on the purpose, they can be silicone-based or petroleum-based too. A vaginal moisturizer that contains essential oils and vitamins heals tissues and moisture in the area near your vaginal opening. 

How are the products made?

Knowing the product's composition is not enough when your vaginal care is in question. You need the best vaginal wash and lubricant for a soothing experience. Millennial Natural's' products are made by keeping the requirements of every woman in mind and are suitable for all skin types. 

Does the product have estrogen or traces of any other hormones?

With increasing health consciousness, women have become aware of the fact that estrogen can increase the risk of cancer. Always check a product before purchase; vaginal care products containing these ingredients for regular use can harm you rather than serving their purpose. Moreover, it can harm your children, pets, and your partner too. Estriol, estradiol, DHEA are a few other hormones that might have a similar effect. Here is a complete list of hormones to avoid while making a purchase:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Bioidentical hormones
  • Estriol
  • Any ingredient mentioned as 'natural hormone'

Does it help with vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is quite common if you live in a cold region. Despite the weather, women tend to suffer from vaginal dryness regularly. You cannot constantly keep washing down there. Try pH vaginal wash from Millennial Naturals for a permanent fix to ensure maximum comfort. Whether you have a busy office life or are a student, it remedies your problem and makes sure you have other important things on your priority list.  

Vitamin E oil for vaginal dryness is a special recommendation by experts who have been swearing by the ingredient for years. 

Sometimes you might feel that the dryness is fading away, and it would be alright for you to stop using the moisturizer for a few days. This is where you are wrong; using a natural vaginal wash is the same as being on medication at times. Just because the issue seems to have resolved itself doesn't mean you can stop using the product. 

Can a moisturizer come into use during masturbation?

While having sex or while trying to get wet or by yourself, moisturizers can be of great use; it acts as the perfect lube when you have trouble getting wet. Now you can be comfortable with your partner and never worry about an imbalanced pH level.

Can it make me feel uncomfortable or hinder my cleanliness down there?

We are extremely selective with vaginal care products because some leave a substitute behind; that white lining around your area is not normal. Kitty products from Millennial Naturals are natural vaginal cleansers with the best lubricant properties and long-term health benefits.