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How to Find The Natural Moisturizer Meant For Your Skin?

How to Find The Natural Moisturizer Meant For Your Skin?

We live in the 21st century, which is the ultimate era of pollution and increased changes in our lifestyle. Everything we use in our food, haircare, skincare, etc., has at least some artificial elements in them. Artificialism has taken over humanity and has created its own space in the field of cosmetics. 

Why choose natural products?

Our skin acts as the ultimate barrier to everything. To protect it, artificial products or ingredients are the worst options. They might show momentary or short-term effects, but the harsh chemicals, silicon's, etc., eventually lead to premature wrinkles, excessive acne, skin texture alteration, pigmentation issues, etc. 

This is where natural products hop in to the rescue. Genuinely natural products have negligible or zero artificial elements in them. Natural ingredients are simply the ones that are unprocessed and are usually found in nature. Specialists refine them and synthesize them to increase their shelf life. This makes them less harmful compared to chemicals or synthetics and hence, skin-friendly. 

Why do we need to use a moisturizer? 

Our skin tends to get exposed to constant dust and pollution. The exposure to excessive wind, heat or any extreme climate can cause our skin to be affected because it is sensitive. Dryness and texture change are the most common reactions. 

Our skin repairs itself every day. It sheds a number of cells, and hence moisturizing and keeping it hydrated is essential in order to assist in the production of new cells. Moisturizing stimulates blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy. 

With a range of moisturizers available in the market, choosing the best one for yourself becomes a tedious job. Brands promise a thousand things on their labels or sites for the ingredients and processes they inculcate into their product. But in reality, there is no stern assurance that a particular product shows the same positive results as promised. 

Especially if you are looking for the best natural moisturizer, its ingredients and their properties should be read about and understood thoroughly, and only then should one make a calculated decision depending upon their skin needs and type. 

Before starting to use any new product on a regular basis, you must consider applying it on a small area (e.g., side of the neck or wrist), to test the product and ensure that it doesn’t harm your skin and verify if you are allergic to it by any chance.

Here are a few tips that might be helpful while choosing and investing in the best natural moisturizer for your skin:

  • Always prefer certified products

  • Having a certification to a brand is not a mandated element. Nowadays, every brand out there has a certification logo/hallmark on their product. But buying a certified product instils a sense of trust in a consumer. It indicates a sign of genuineness and safety as official bodies test and then declare those products to have no harmful effects. 

    Also, look for specific certifications if you have a streamlined choice of ingredients. For example, if you are a vegan individual, look into the ingredients of your product and ensure if it is certified vegan and also has the Ecocert symbol.  

  • Know your skin and its needs

  • Each one of us has a different skin type and different needs. If your skin is prone to acne and is excessively sensitive, go for products with ingredients that are light and do not clog skin pores. If you are looking for texture enhancement, products that assist collagen and do not build up on the skin should be used.

    Also, ensure that you choose the product as per the body part you require moisturization for. This is important because different body parts have different moisture needs based on the thickness, texture, and requirement of the skin. For example- A body moisturizer should not be applied to the face.

  • Look out for the key harmful ingredients 

  • No product can be formulated without refining the ingredients. Certain ingredients need to be synthesized in order to be capable of being constituted into a product. Brands that usually deal with natural products use light carriers or elements to synthesize their ingredients which act as a preservative and improve the overall efficiency. 

    While some brands make use of excessive alcohol, preservatives, dyes, etc., which causes the natural ingredients to lose their proficiency completely. Avoid products with sulfates, parabens, or other known elements which irritate and damage the skin in the long term. 

    These tips should be considered as suggestions and not recommendations. Always get your skin tested by a medical professional or a dermatologist before inculcating a particular product into your daily regimen. Make sure you test your products on a smaller region of your skin to know if there are any allergic reactions. To make sure your skin finds the ingredients and products it loves check out Millennial Naturals’ website for the best natural moisturizer!