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How to Become a Distributor

Thank you for your interest to become a Kitty Kartel distributor aka “Pussy Dealer.” This can be a life changing decision only if you allow it. By becoming a distributor, you're locking hands with the wealth and potential this company can bring as it continues to grow with time. Think of it as “Facebook” or “Amazon” before anyone else knows about it. As you can see we are a young, black-owned business with a unique niche and market. We are not your typical “cookie cutter” brand. We provide all natural, competitive, and effective feminine hygiene and skincare products with tons of humor and straight talk, no chaser. Bottom line -- you have a chance, right here and right now to make the one decision that can alter the course of your life forever, FOR GOOD!

I am Miracle, better known as Pussy Pablo, founder and CEO of Kitty Kartel. I carefully studied, developed, and handcrafted the products you and many others have grown accustomed to loving, if not addicted to. This business has completely changed my life! I’m talking a complete 360 financially, spiritually, physically and more. Instead of going the giant retail store route, I decided instead to put the money and opportunity in the hands of everyday people that  have helped the business grow.



1. First complete the distributor request form using  this LINK

2. Create  a login account on our website: www.millennialnaturals.com 

3. Millennial Naturals will reach out to you after reviewing your form and notify you if you have been approved.

4. Access to distributor items will be granted you.

5. Abide by the Terms of Agreement for all distributors: LINK

 and sign agreement form: LINK