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Natural and Organic Vaginal Lubricants and Moisturizers

Natural and Organic Vaginal Lubricants and Moisturizers

Vaginal health contributes to women’s overall health. Most women don’t realize how highly it affects not only their fertility but also their desire for sex, ability to achieve orgasm, and can cause stress on their relationship. But, these topics are not discussed openly yet. Vaginal health is still taboo for most cultures and religions around the world. 

Vaginal dryness is one of the major problems faced by women. Almost 50% of women of all ages face this issue. It can worsen without lubrication. And this issue can be resolved with organic vaginal moisturizer. It often occurs due to lower levels of estrogen. 

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Some of the natural and organic vaginal lubricants and moisturizers are:

Nuvia Organics Evening Primrose Oil

Nuvia Organics Evening Primrose Oil helps in treating vaginal dryness. It works best for inflammatory conditions. You can use it as oil, or you can insert a punctured capsule into the vaginal cavity. It will absorb the oil into your body overnight. It acts as a medicinal oil and treats vaginal dryness effectively. 

It is highly safe to use. You can also add supplements to your diet, which will increase cervical mucus production, and help reduce friction.

Astarte Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil can be actively used for internal lubrication. It is one of the great options as it can be applied directly to the vaginal region and helps to lubricate the vagina. It works best because it helps in rebuilding tissues while lubricating the cavity. It also contains vitamin E, which is a natural healer. And it is one of the easily available organic vaginal moisturizers

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This is a natural lubricant and comes with other benefits as well. High levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids can be found in flaxseeds. You can also add flaxseeds to your diet on a regular basis. Flaxseed’s oil is enriched and acts as a natural element to keep the vagina moisturized. 

You can grind the seeds and add them to your meal. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the level of estrogen in the body while lubricating the vaginal cavity.

Cannabinoid Oil

Cannabinoid oil helps to relax our body and mind. It activates serotonin receptors in the brain. It is one of the most recent organic vaginal moisturizers that help produce more mucus that reduces friction during intercourse. 

They are often mixed with other oils to be heavily available in the market. It works best for women who suffer from dyspareunia, a state where one experiences pain during penetration. CBD can be used to reduce the intensity of pain. 


Vitamins are highly rich in fatty acids. Vitamins like A and B can be taken as supplements to increase vaginal lubrication. Suppositories of Vitamin E and A are widely used to increase vaginal lubrication. They boost lubrication with beta carotene, especially B4, B5, and B12. 

Vitamin E is considered a potent skin moisturizer. The vitamin will help with tissue repair and prevent any kind of infection in the cavity. They are available in capsules. One can pierce the capsule and place it in the vaginal opening to absorb the oil. 

The oil from the capsule is also applied to the vaginal walls to lubricate the labia. Doctors mostly assess this condition and prescribe vitamin supplements for natural lubrication, which leads to a rise in the level of estrogen.

Comfrey Roots

These roots have effectively high medicinal values as they reduce muscle spasm; it is actively used to treat vaginal atrophy and dryness. It can be consumed orally to soften the vaginal tissues and for the maintenance of healthy pH levels. 

One can boil the comfrey roots in boiling water and let them steep for 10-15 minutes. It can be used as massaging oil for the vaginal region. It is one of the most soothing lubricants. It relieves the cavity of dryness, infections, and itching. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is considered for its various benefits. It comes with high medical values. It is one of the organic vaginal moisturizers which is the best solution to all these problems. It also maintains the pH level in the vagina. 

It can be directly applied to the vaginal cavity for the regeneration of any damaged tissue. Plant-sourced oil works synergistically and helps in building cellular structures. It is highly therapeutic for dryness. 

Vaginal dryness can turn out to be a serious problem for some women. It should not be ignored. With these lubricants, try eating and drinking healthy. A balanced meal is what one needs to ensure a moisturized vagina. All of the natural lubricants listed above can be used to treat vaginal dryness effectively. However, it can cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is important to consult a specialist.

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