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Vaginal Probiotics: Everything You Need to Know

Vaginal Probiotics: Everything You Need to Know

Like the rest of our body, our vagina is home to thousands of bacteria, both good and bad. As the name suggests, vaginal probiotics are pro bacteria in the sense that they promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your vagina. But what exactly do healthy bacteria do?

Keep reading to learn more about good bacteria and vaginal probiotics.

An Introduction to Vaginal Flora

The vaginal flora or bacteria is dominated by various Lactobacillus strains that produce secretions to prevent yeast and other organisms from taking root. These secretions are responsible for a healthy vaginal ecosystem, keeping the human vagina at or around a pH of four at all times.

Maintaining an acidic environment prevents the production of harmful substances and the infections and diseases they might lead to. Conversely, a disruption in vaginal flora may result in the very conditions these bacteria prevent. This is where vaginal probiotics enter the natural equation.

Making a Case for Vaginal Probiotics

Vaginal probiotics are found everywhere these days and in every conceivable form. They’re sold as powders, pills, and vaginal injections to promote the growth of healthy bacteria and address any issues that might’ve resulted from their absence, such as:

1.     Yeast Infection

Bacterial yeast infection is characterized by an itchy feeling and a thick white-colored discharge resembling cottage cheese. This infection may occur when the overgrown fungus candida takes over healthy bacteria, causing an imbalance at least once in a lifetime for seven out of 10 women. Probiotics can help subdue their symptoms and reduce the frequency with which they occur.

2.     Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis or BV affects 29.2% of women between the ages of 14 and 49. It’s the most common vaginal condition, but its causes continue to elude modern science. Some studies indicate that it occurs when Prevotella outnumbers Lactobacillus. If this is true, promoting the latter’s growth may help address BV.

3.     Infertility

It’s not clear whether bad bacteria or the absence of good bacteria in the vagina causes infertility. However, probiotics may promote pregnancy in women struggling to conceive. Some studies have suggested that having a good number of certain bacteria can improve one’s odds of getting pregnant. Checking with your doctor and taking organic products that promote those bacteria might just be the thing you need to conceive successfully.

Speaking of Promoting Bacteria

If you’re looking to up your vaginal bacteria count, start a course of Kitty Mollys by Millennial Naturals. These probiotics come as pills and contain ten different strains of healthy vaginal bacteria, 30 billion live cultures, and cranberry extract for a balanced pH. These ingredients help counter unhealthy bacteria and promote digestion and excretion to stimulate the production of healthy bacteria.

These probiotics also have a fair bit of healthy bacteria to prevent vaginal imbalances, infections, UTIs and restore vaginal flora.

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