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Why Are Organic Feminine Hygiene Products Safe?

Why Are Organic Feminine Hygiene Products Safe?

The debate about whether organic feminine hygiene products are safe or not has always been never-ending. The concept of using organic products is new, and thus, people have so many doubts about it. 

However, if looked closely, there are innumerable reasons why traditional hygiene products for women, like menstrual products, can be bad. Most of them have been bleached and mixed with chemicals that can cause severe reactions to the body and are harmful to the environment.

Women nowadays are becoming more and more aware; as a result, the market for organic feminine hygiene products has been increasing considerably. You have to be aware of what is going inside your body and use the best products. There are several reasons why organic feminine hygiene products are safe.


Body concerns

Women who have rather been sensitive skin and are more inclined towards getting rashes easily will notice that the non-organic products give them more trouble. 

Many chemicals are being used in these products, which are the main cause of infections and rashes. Therefore, using organic feminine hygiene products will eliminate this problem to a great extent since they are gentle on the skin. 

Even if someone is not facing any skin reactions, yet another reason for you to go for the organic products is that the non-organic ones have cancer-causing ingredients like dioxins in the bleaching chemical and phthalates in the plastic of tampons. 

These chemicals don't have a significantly huge effect in causing cancer, but it is always good to be safe rather than sorry. 

Environment issues

Not only are organic feminine hygiene products safe for the body, but also safer for the environment. The menstrual products made from all cotton are fully biodegradable. Many companies claim them to be compostable; however, one should not do that since the material used as an absorbent has many bacteria. 

Organic feminine hygiene products, on the other hand, are free from any synthetic. The products mustn't have any synthetic fiber since the ecosystem cannot break down these fibers normally used in non-organic products. 

The cotton growers do not use pesticides as well, and since cotton is used in organic products, they become way safer for the environment. At the same time, many women flushing the sanitary products down the toilet can be a problem if the products are non-organic and get in the waterways, thus affecting the creatures living there.

Toxic shock syndrome

Another reason why organic feminine hygiene products are safer is toxic shock syndrome. This is a condition caused because of bacterial infection due to tampons. The bacterial infection can also prove deadly if not treated on time with proper care. 

Toxic Down Syndrome can happen with the wrong use of a tampon, and if due to its high absorbency, it is left inside for a longer duration. Although it is a rare syndrome, It is better to use organic feminine hygiene products that do not have such issues associated with them.

General Issue

With the use of so many chemicals, water pollution, digestive problems for the fishes, and many environmental and body concerns, it is always better to use organic cotton products and dispose of them properly. 

Because of the increased awareness, many companies are using cotton that is good for the environment and the people. They are investing research and time to make a quality product that suits every woman's needs without causing any harm to the environment.

Therefore, as noticed, organic feminine hygiene products are safe, both for you and the environment. However, due to this, the prices tend to increase a bit. Organic products are a little more expensive than traditional tampons and sanitary napkins.

It might feel that one is buying a lot fewer items for more money. To take care of the expense problem, one can buy in bulk and save a good amount of money. On the other hand, those who are more inclined towards saving the environment won't necessarily have an issue paying a few extra bucks for organic products. 

Therefore, seeing that organic feminine hygiene products can fit the pockets of a lot of people, one can say that they are safe and genuinely a good thing to adopt. The quality of the products will be superior and gentle on the skin.

All skin types will adjust to the hygiene products, doing little harm to the environment. Switching to these products is never late, and one should always be safe when it comes to body needs. The article has laid down all the necessary reasons why organic feminine hygiene products are safe, and these reasons should be enough for anyone to make a switch.

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