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Why Should You Switch to Organic Feminine Hygiene?

Why Should You Switch to Organic Feminine Hygiene?

When we think about the term ‘organic’, we immediately associate it with food products or beauty products. Most of us do not know that organic menstrual products also exist. Yes, you heard it right. There are organic pads and tampons available in the market, which are not only great for your health but also for the environment. With increasing awareness about them, more and more women are switching to organic menstrual products. 

But what is the problem with traditional menstrual products? Why should you make this big switch in your lifestyle? This article will enlighten you about some of the banes of using conventional sanitary products. And then, you can decide whether you want to continue using them or switch to organic menstrual products. 

Harmful substances in your regular menstrual products

Here’s a list of harmful substances that must not be used in your sanitary products. And if your menstrual products do have these, you know it is time to switch to organic.

Use of plastics 

You will be surprised to know that one single sanitary napkin contains about the equivalent of four plastic bags! And most of it is crude oil plastic. They can not only cause hygiene problems in our most sensitive areas but also contribute to the growing global plastic waste problem. 

Use of chlorine

Chlorine is used for bleaching our pads and tampons. Toxins like dioxin and other Disinfection-by-Products (DBPs) like trihalomethane are found in chlorine-bleached cotton. Some studies suggest that Dioxin exposure can lead to cancer. 

Presence of pesticides and GMOs 

Tampons are made of conventional cotton, which means they are laden with pesticide residues as pesticides are so widely used for harvesting cotton. According to the USDA, 94 percent of all U.S. cotton is genetically engineered. So the cotton tampons you use can be a hub of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), which can be toxic. Since the vaginal wall is highly-permeable, toxins like pesticide residue and GMO proteins get direct access to the bloodstream.


Recent studies suggest that pads and tampons contain an unhealthy quantity of phthalates. These studies, conducted on sanitary products from countries around the world, found that phthalates (including DEP, DEHP, etc.) were commonly found in them. Phthalates leave an adverse effect on women’s health and reproductive capabilities. The scented pads and tampons have a significantly higher number of certain phthalates. So the more fragrant and odor-neutralizing your sanitary product seems, the more harmful it can be to your health! 

Moreover, using tampons with harmful chemicals can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Initial symptoms can seem like the flu, but if ignored, it can cause diarrhea, skin rashes, lips turning red, or in extreme cases - even death. 

Why choose organic menstrual products instead of conventional ones? 

We are increasingly becoming mindful of the benefits of organic food products or skincare products. The switch is bringing about a positive change in our lifestyle. But what about feminine sanitary products? Research proves that organic menstrual products are more beneficial to our health and hygiene, and it’s time we make a shift from conventional ones once and for all. 

Organic menstrual products are made without toxins and synthetic fibers 

Conventional tampons are made with artificial fibers and may contain GMOs, pesticides, or herbicide traces. Despite some brands advertising ‘organic inner core’, their products still have a synthetic external covering. The fear of toxins and synthetic fibers is eliminated in organic menstrual products, as they use 100% organic cotton. 

They reduce health risks 

As we know that conventional sanitary products contain harmful chemicals such as dioxins and trihalomethane, organic menstrual products are free from those. So, if you switch to organic menstrual products, your vagina will not be absorbing these toxic chemicals anymore.

They help in lightening period complications 

Some women claim that switching to organic menstrual products reduced period cramps, induced more manageable flow, and caused less itchiness or irritation around the vagina. It is especially beneficial for women with sensitive skin who find organic menstrual products more comfortable to use. Switch to organic tampons, and your body will thank you!

They encourage organic farming

It is essential for us as consumers to support organic farmers in any way we can. Switching to organic menstrual products is one way to do so. Organic farming is a healthier option for farmers who no longer have to use harmful chemical-containing pesticides and herbicides. Organic farming is better for biodiversity preservation and conservation of water. 

They are better for the environment 

Being made of only cotton, organic menstrual products are easily biodegradable. Within six months, an organic tampon can degrade in a landfill. If you are into composting, you can even compost the tampons in your backyard!

So, if your health is a priority for you, take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by switching to organic menstrual products. Give organic tampons a try and choose from various organic menstrual products here at Millenial Naturals. Our products are 100% safe and contain no sulfates or parabens. They are used and loved by many women. The next time your period comes around, make a smart choice and choose us!