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Yeast Infection (Vaginal) - Symptoms and Causes

Yeast Infection (Vaginal) - Symptoms and Causes

You have probably heard of yeast infections. If you haven’t experienced one yet, consider yourself lucky as they’re extremely uncomfortable and itchy. No one likes to discuss their vaginal infections.

However, vaginal yeast infections are very common and 75% of women are likely to have at least one vaginal yeast infection throughout their life. More than 1 million women in the US have a yeast infection every year. While yeast infection can happen to anyone, it can also be cleared up easily, within a few days.

Here are the symptoms and causes of yeast infection. 

Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Following are the common symptoms of a yeast infection. The main symptoms are discomfort and itchiness.

  • Swelling, redness, or a burning sensation near the vagina or the vulva
  • Pain when you have sexual intercourse
  • Burning or pain when you urinate
  • White discharge, which is thick and odorless

If you think you have a yeast infection, it’s important to consult a doctor before trying to treat it yourself. A proper diagnosis can help you get the best treatment and avoid serious conditions like bacterial vaginosis or any sexually transmitted infections.

Causes of Vaginal Yeast infections

A healthy vagina has yeast cells and bacteria. The bacteria is called lactobacilli which kills any harmful organisms present in the vagina and keeps the vagina healthy and clean. However, sometimes the balance of bacteria and yeast can be tipped off due to a fungus known as candida and it can cause a yeast infection.

Following are the causes of yeast infections.

  1. Any changes in your hormones (whether due to pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills, or breastfeeding) can change the balance of your vagina.
  2. If you take antibiotics, that can also kill a lot of the bacteria that live in your vagina and keep it healthy.
  3. Diabetes is also a reason behind increased yeast growth in your vagina. If you don’t control your diabetes well, it can increase the sugar level in the mucus membranes of your vagina, causing the yeast to find a place to grow.
  4. A Weak Immune System is also a reason behind uncontrolled yeast growth in your vagina. Those who are HIV-positive or struggle with any other immune system conditions can experience yeast infections.
  5. Sex: Yeast infection can be passed on to another person if you engage with them in sexual intercourse or have sexual contact. However, it is not a sexually transmitted infection.

Dealing with the Yeast Infection

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