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Our body goes through several changes throughout the month. Our entire monthly cycle spectates various levels of changes. As a result, we go through many phases, from being energetic and jolly to breakouts, and mood swings and cramps, and not to forget, the immense food cravings. These symptoms indicate that our hormones work properly and efficiently throughout the cycles, not just during our periods. 

One of the various physical changes that we notice every month is when we do not feel fresh down there. As the pH levels of your vagina change, you can notice changes in vaginal odor, mild irritation, and itchiness, which might make you feel quite uncomfortable. 

During this period, using a feminine wash can be a comprehensive way by which you can make yourself feel comfortable and fresh. 


What is a feminine wash?

A feminine wash is nothing but a mild cleanser that is designed specifically to clean, nourish, soothe, and restore the pH balance of your vagina. It also helps in the removal of mild irritation from your vulva. 

The best natural feminine wash would work by combining elements that would help in restoring the natural acidity of your vaginal area, cleanse the area in and around your vulva, moisturize the entire area to ensure comfort, and remove any unpleasant vaginal odor. 

The feminine wash is used regularly by some women. However, it is not essential to do so medically speaking, as your vaginal secretions happen to be the best moisturizer and cleanser for your intimate area. Your vaginal secretions in themselves are antibacterial. 

However, these feminine washes can be used occasionally or as per your requirements. Such as during the times when you’re consuming any course of antibiotics, or during or after your menstruation, or after sex. These products are also safe to be used on a daily basis if you feel that your body is very sensitive to the pH balance changes. 

Things to ensure while looking for the best natural feminine wash

Whether you plan to use the feminine wash products daily or wish to use them occasionally, the feminine wash is safe to use as long as you have done your research and have opted for the right wash. Millennial Naturals offers you the best natural feminine wash and other intimate hygiene and health products to make your life simpler and more comfortable. 

Before opting for any feminine wash, you should consider a few things that will help you make the right decision. 

  • Make sure that the feminine wash you opt for is pH balanced. On average, every woman’s vaginal pH happens to be acidic between 3.8 to 4.5 on the scale of pH. Do not even think of using soap down there. The pH level of a soap ranges around 8, which happens to be way too basic for your vaginal area. Always use the washes and soaps which are specifically designed to be used in that area, with a pH level similar to that of your original pH level.
  • Always try to use feminine washes which are natural and organic. Also, remember that just because the word ’natural’ is there in the front of the bottle doesn’t mean it is free of chemicals and is plant-based. Turn the bottle around and have a detailed look at the ingredients they have used. 
  • Do not be fooled by the fragrance of the product. Always remember that the best natural feminine wash should be free of fragrance because there can be severe irritation in your vaginal region as a result of those fragrances. 

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  • Often, glycerin has been used in various intimate care products, like a vaginal wash, moisturizers, cleansers, etc. This ingredient is added because it acts as a moisturizing agent. Avoid using the products with glycerin at all costs. It is a sugar-based ingredient that becomes worse when added to any water-based product and makes your area prone to bacterial and yeast growth.  

Use products like Kitty Bricks and Kitty Krack by Millennial Naturals if you need the best natural feminine wash for your delicate area. 

If you are in search of the best natural feminine wash from a trusted source, you don’t have to wander anywhere anymore. Millennial Naturals is just the place you need to go and rest assured that we will handle even the slightest needs of your vaginal care. We offer plant-based, gentle products with an apt pH level. 

We ensure that none of our products contains any form of sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetics, parabens, or artificial colors. Plus, we do not test our products on animals. So you can trust us for a safe and great option.

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