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Feminine Cleansing Wipes: Benefits And Uses

Let's admit it when it comes to intimate hygiene. We can never be too sure. This is why vagina health is taken pretty seriously in the 21st century; we have become aware of our needs. Although becoming aware is not enough, finding the perfect product for your vagina is extremely important to maintain a normal pH balance, moisture level, and cleanliness. Feminine wipes are another convenient introduction made with great care, emphasizing proper vaginal hygiene.

Why do we need to use feminine wipes?

Periods can be extremely messy, and even when you aren't menstruating, visiting the washroom is a big challenge. Feminine cleansing wipes have changed this. It is more comfortable and natural for you to rely on them as they are the perfect washcloths meant to keep you clean, dry, and carefree. Outings and events are fun when you have one less thing to worry about, your intimate hygiene.

Relying on feminine cleansing wipes makes you more independent while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Toilet papers might irritate and sometimes dry due to the coarse surface rubbing against your skin. Even small thin towels can prove to be useless when reused. The pocket-friendly safer option is a feminine wipe.

How does using feminine wipe help my vagina?

The vulva usually does a great job at naturally keeping itself clean. There is no external requirement except for washing it regularly with clean water. Sweat, irregular menstrual cycle, and even intercourse can harm your vagina health. Now you can avoid it by looking out for the following unfortunate circumstances.

Yeast infection

One common mistake most women make is using scented soaps and products. Brands are known to use excessive alcoholic preservatives, even sulfates. The chemical composition of the products might result in yeast infection. Vaginal Candidiasis or vagina yeast infection is an inflammation around the vulva with dryness, accompanied by heavy, stinky discharge. Many women have also experienced severe itching and burning sensation, which sometimes lasts for more than a week. 

You certainly wouldn't want to have it again, given the statistics that women commonly experience it. Fortunately, using proper feminine cleansing wipes can reduce your chances of having a yeast infection.

Unpleasant odor

The white discharge is a substance produced by your cervix to keep its entrance moist and warm. Although the moisturizing problem is solved, its accumulation due to lack of cleaning needs to be fixed. Anything that smells bad means you have a high chance of infecting your vulva, or worse, you already have. This is when a feminine cleansing wipe comes to use. Bring it out immediately to minimize the effect and clean all that collecting white discharge from your lining. 

Pantyliners are also great, use them together with an intimate wash, and this trio will make sure to improve overall vaginal health single-handedly. Smells good and feels even better!

Better intimate experience

Gynecologists often recommend that cleaning yourself after sex reduces the chance of contracting diseases and even the possibility of pregnancies. You might be under certain circumstances that might not allow you to use the restroom or have a cleaner option available at the moment. You don't need anything else except for an intimate wipe. Reduce the spread of bacteria instantly. It fits in your purse, your pocket and is easy to dispose of.

Benefits of feminine wipes: Health factors

Your vulva will thank you for finally deciding to use feminine wipes every day. There are some benefits of using intimate wipes that you should know before you get a bundle to make you feel even better. 

Well maintained pH balance

The vagina has a pH balance in a range of about 3.5 to 4.5. It's pretty acidic and can worsen when you're menstruating. You can develop bacterial vaginosis due to fluctuating hormone levels and improper intimate care. Stop it from happening by using all-natural wipes. This way, it doesn't include chemical compositions that can disrupt your pH balance.

When menstruating

Besides the cramps, making a mess in the bathroom, especially in restrooms when you're outside, can be annoying. Often you wouldn't even feel like properly cleaning yourself up, and even doing so doesn't feel that comfortable. Feminine wipe is a game-changer, with no spills, no dirty spots, and maximum comfort with moisture. The trip to the bathroom will be like a refreshing change for you rather than an overburdening activity.

Suited for sensitive vulva skin

The outer linings of your vulva and the area around it are so sensitive that they can become easily irritated. Although there is a white discharge that helps your vagina to stay moisturized, you might have imbalanced hormone levels at times. This isn't necessarily an emergency but a situation that can be made better with the help of a feminine cleansing wipe. Choose brands with soothing natural ingredients that give you a cooling, clean sensation.

Don't just clean your vagina, but also your hands. The transfer of bacteria is a probable reason why it is suggested that you wash your hands after using the restroom and before it. Use a clean piece of feminine wipe for the same.

How to choose the feminine wipe meant for you?

There are a lot of ingredients put into feminine wipes, more than they appear to be. Choosing the right brand makes a lot of difference this way. Not every manufacturer uses the same combination of products. According to your sensitivity needs, there are a few basics to decide the best kind meant for you.

Sustainability is the key. Say no to products that are animal tested and ingredients that are all environment friendly. That is how it can offer you both better vagina health and self-love. 

Nothing is better than organic products. Millennial Naturals has unique natural ingredients in their products that give you the best experience, caring for your sensitive skin. Every woman has to chalk out the products she would like to get. Make no more compromises. Give your intimate area the care it deserves.