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Feminine Hygiene Products: Switch to Organic Menstrual Period Product

Most marketers advertise how fantastic organic pads/tampons are because they contain no chemicals or chlorine bleach, but they rarely mention how different it is to handle organic pads/tampons. But, keep all your worries aside because Millennial Naturals will clear all your doubts and acquaint you with the prominent reasons to switch to organic menstrual period products. Before we get into the main segment, let's first get a brief idea of what organic menstrual products are all about.

Organic menstrual products overview 

To begin with, our vagina is capable of soaking everything we put into it; that's why some medicines are administered vaginally. So it's understandable to be concerned about what might be absorbed by the body when using tampons made of synthetic fibers. 

Nevertheless, there isn't much of a difference between using an organic product and a non-organic tampon in terms of how it feels. There's also no guarantee that you'll get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

Conventional feminine goods are bleached with chlorine and made of rayon or non-organic cotton, while organic sanitary goods are made entirely of organic cotton and bleached using peroxide. Dioxin is a potential carcinogen resulting from chlorine bleaching, because of which the FDA requires that sanitary product firms analyze the quantity of dioxin in their goods to put them below acceptable levels.

Natural menstrual products promise to be free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and allergies in the majority of cases. At the same time, many are environmentally friendly, which benefits both your body and the world.

Look no farther than Millennials Naturals if you want to test organic menstrual period products! Moving further, let us now learn how organic menstrual products can change your life for good!

Benefits of organic menstrual products

Our company aims to bring awareness about the comfort and health effects of using organic menstrual products. The difference in feel between pads made of organic cotton and synthetic fiber is much more obvious. Let's highlight the major differences between them and know the benefits of having an organic solution.

  • Breathability 

  • When compared to synthetic fiber pads, organic pads are more breathable. Regular sanitary pads contain a lot of plastic, which can irritate the skin and trigger allergic responses. Organic pads have a comfortable organic cotton layer that allows your skin to breathe and an absorbent cellulose core that locks away menstrual fluid to keep you dry. Keeping the pads dry not only gives peace of mind but also keeps us devoid of the stress of leakage.

  • Safe and body-concerned 

  • Ladies with hypersensitive skin who are prone to outbreaks face a lot of problems due to non-organic menstrual products like synthetic sanitary pads. They often have to deal with blisters or rashes which accompany it. 

    These products contain a lot of chemicals, which are the main cause of infections and rashes. As a result, using our organic feminine hygiene products, which are mild on the skin, will help to alleviate this problem to a large extent.

    Even if you are not experiencing any skin issues, another reason to choose organic products is that non-organic products contain cancer-causing compounds like dioxins in bleaching chemicals and phthalates in tampon plastic.

  • Healthy and economical

  • Organic cotton pads are equivalent in price to normal sanitary pads but without the risk of skin irritation or the massive environmental impact! Because organic cotton is so absorbent, many users find that they use fewer items every period. Our organic cotton pads are, therefore, a cost-effective option for your monthly regimen.

    It may appear like one is purchasing fewer products for a higher price. To address the cost issue, one can buy in bulk and save a significant amount of money. Those who are more concerned about the environment, on either hand, will not mind paying a few additional dollars for organic products.

  • Protects environment and wildlife

  • Environmentally friendly period products, such as organic pads, can significantly impact the planet's health. The studies say non-organic pads can take up to 800 years to degrade, whereas organic cotton sanitary items take only two years. Millennial Naturals want people to get aware of the fact and start getting used to organic menstrual products more and more for a better lifestyle ahead.

    Furthermore, growing organic cotton does not necessitate the use of pesticides that harm native bees, birds, and insects, all of which play an important role in our environment. Synthetic oestrogen, which has been linked to reproductive issues and infertility, is produced by some of these pesticides. 

    Natural pads also significantly use less water and energy to make than conventional pads, and many of them are biodegradable.

  • Supporting farmers 

    Organic farming works with farmers to safeguard them from the health effects of hazardous chemicals and to ensure that their land is fit for growing crops, ultimately ensuring their families' financial security in the future. Thus, the use of organic based-products is helpful to multiple people collectively. 

    Why choose us?

    As at Millennial Naturals, we provide one-of-a-kind, cost-effective organic products that are tailored to your skin's most sensitive areas. Our well-known Kitty Kartel feminine care collection is jam-packed with plant-based products that will balance your feminine pH and enhance your confidence both in and out of the bedroom. 

    A female hygiene and body care brand that is organic, distinctive, and effective!

    No sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetics, parabens, or artificial colors are used in our products, and they are not tested on animals.

    Consider us an organic complement to your everyday personal hygiene and skin-care routine. If you check out our range of organic menstrual period products, you will definitely love it. We have bagged thousands of positive reviews about the products we sell so that you can trust the safety and quality for sure!

    You've come to the right site if you're seeking organic feminine hygiene products. We offer the most effective feminine hygiene products that are both safe for you and the environment. Visit our website to view and purchase the options that best suit your needs. Several ladies have tested and used our products to improve their intimate health. For additional information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.