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Healthy and Safe Feminine Washes For Your Vagina

The female body undergoes various modifications throughout the month, and your entire monthly cycle depends on a healthy hormonal balance. One of the most common changes almost every woman encounters is feeling a bit uncomfortable or itchy down there. 

A vagina is amongst the most delicate parts of a woman's body, and you must maintain good vaginal hygiene to limit unnecessary infections. However, when the pH levels of your vagina fluctuate, you can experience mild irritation, vaginal odor, and itchiness when feminine washes come in handy to keep your vagina fresh and maintain a healthy vaginal pH level. 

What is precisely a feminine wash?

A feminine wash refers to a gentle cleanser specially created to cleanse, relieve, nourish and restore your vaginal health and pH balance. It additionally assists in the elimination of moderate inflammation from your vaginal area. 

In addition, a healthy and safe feminine wash comes with natural elements that help clean the area around your vulva, keep your vaginal acid levels intact, moisturize your vagina to keep you comfortable and remove foul vaginal odor. 

However, ensure that the feminine wash you choose always remains pH balanced. Usually, every woman's vaginal pH remains acidic between 3.8 to 4.5 on the pH scale. Hence, you must never use soap down there as soaps have a pH balance of around 8, which is too high for your vaginal area. 

Also, note that even when there is no harm in using the feminine wash daily, try using it occasionally or when you experience vaginal itchiness or irritation. The reason you should avoid using feminine wash regularly is that your natural vaginal discharge acts as a moisturizer and cleanser for your intimate area, and these secretions have antibacterial properties. 

Apart from this, feminine washes ensure maintaining complete genital hygiene for normal intimate health. Mentioned hereunder are some top benefits of using healthy and safe vaginal health. 

Give special care to your intimate area.

Vagina and its nearby area are the most delicate parts of a female body. Therefore, it requires exceptional attention and cleanliness. 

In addition, your intimate area contains a different pH level from your body, and washing it with shower gels or bathing soaps can point to a pH imbalance. Regularly using vaginal wash can help guard your delicate vaginal area against infections and inflammation against using shower gels or soaps.  

Make you feel fresh down there.

Using feminine washes regularly makes you feel fresh all day and remain more active and energetic. Moreover, there will be no foul smell in your intimate area by using a feminine wash. 

Maintains healthy vaginal pH

Using a feminine wash maintains the healthy vaginal pH and keeps the oil balance. Apart from this, it prevents your intimate area from drying and does not create infections or warts. 

Limits vaginal odor

The female private area regularly discharges thick or transparent white secretion to have your vagina moistened and moisturized. It is a natural process that means that your vagina is cleansing itself and remains utterly fresh. 

Nevertheless, you must warrant that your vaginal discharge never causes any foul smell or discoloration as it can indicate a vaginal infection. Also, by using feminine wash, your vagina can remove bad bacteria that lead to vaginal infection and the foul odor by keeping your private area fresh and healthy. 

Enhance your confidence 

Another advantage of intimate wash is that it makes you feel more secure and confident. When your vagina remains odor and moisture-free, you feel self-confident. It further presents you with the liberty to wear whatever you want without any concern.

Shop from our top range of healthy and safe feminine washes 

The intimate hygiene industry has lots of feminine hygiene products to offer when speaking of personal hygiene. Also, every company in the industry strives to make your life more relaxed by presenting skin-friendly, organic products. Hence it can sometimes become challenging to find your best pick. 

At Millennial Naturals, we offer you the most desirable natural feminine wash and other intimate hygiene products that maintain a healthy vaginal pH level and make you feel fresh for an extended time. The two best feminine washes from our Kitty Kartel range are listed below, which offers numerous benefits. 

Kitty Krack

Kitty Krack is amongst Millennial Naturals' most favored and best feminine washes. This feminine wash comes with 100% natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. Apart from this, Kitty Krack is the best honey feminine wash that maintains the pH balance of your vagina and the necessary oils to decrease foul vaginal smell, itchiness, and dryness. 

Moreover, some of the vital ingredients of Kitty Krack feminine wash include honey, apple cider vinegar, soapberry, chamomile, and lactic acid. All these natural ingredients used in this feminine wash contain antibacterial properties that gently cleanse your genital area, reduce excessive discharge, and prevent irritation and dryness. 

In addition, the most favorable part about this feminine wash is that it is free from harmful chemicals and further has essential oils like olive oil and coconut oil for a soothing effect. It is the best honey feminine wash for your vagina. 

Kitty Brick

Kitty Brick is yet another best feminine wash by Millennial Naturals that many women use to keep their vagina healthy. This vaginal wash comes in the form of a soap bar and smells heavenly. Also, Kitty Brick includes natural organic products that remain gentle on your skin and maintain a healthy pH level. 

This feminine wash creates a foamy lather that removes excess dirt, bacterial infection and reduces vaginal odor. Apart from this, Kitty Brick comes with 100% organic ingredients such as yogurt, almond oil, and chia butter that have a soothing effect on your delicate vaginal skin.

Feminine washes are an exceptional intimate hygiene product that can keep your vagina clean and refreshed throughout the day. These healthy vaginal washes come with 100% natural ingredients and never cause any skin inflammation. Nevertheless, to get the maximum advantage, you must pick the best feminine wash available in the market. 

At Millennial Naturals, we offer the best feminine wash range designed with utmost care to keep your vaginal pH levels intact. For more details, connect with our experts now.