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How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Healthy

We all know that vaginal health is one of the most crucial elements of a woman's well-being. You should be aware that medicines, wardrobe choices, nutrition, and stress can all impact vaginal acidity levels.

Well, yes, you read it correctly! This is why it's important to keep your vagina clean and healthy! 

It's necessary to keep in mind that the significance of healthy vaginal health should not be overlooked. Are you wondering why? Because It isn't just about the sex. It entails being aware of the symptoms of an infected vagina and knowing when to seek medical help.

Do you know that there could be various consequences of an unhealthy or infected vagina? 

Yes! Sexual desire, fertility, and the ability to achieve orgasm can all be affected by vaginal disorders. 

Other than this, vaginal problems that recur might lead to low self-esteem and relationship concerns. Hence, every woman should be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of vaginal disorders, as well as what they can do to safeguard their vaginal health.

In this post, you will read about the best tips to keep your vagina clean and healthy. So, continue reading to know everything about it. 

What Are The Factors Which Can Affect Vaginal Health? 

As already mentioned, several factors can influence your vaginal health, including:

  • Pregnancy

As we all know, menstruation stops, and vaginal discharge increases during pregnancy. Then there's the issue of vaginal tearing during pregnancy. After delivering a child, the pelvic floor muscles that encircle the vagina might expand out, causing vaginal laxity. These are some of the factors that can have an impact on vaginal health.

  • Hormones 

Hormone changes can affect the health of your vaginal organs. Estrogen production, for example, decreases during nursing and after menopause. The loss of estrogen can cause the vaginal lining to be thin, resulting in laxity and pain.

  • Birth-control

Using contraceptives, such as condoms, diaphragms, and spermicides can also trigger vaginal irritation.

  • Depression

Depression and anxiety can induce a reduction in libido drive, resulting in pain or discomfort during sex. 

  • Other Health problems

Other medical conditions can also have an impact on vaginal health. Pelvic surgical scars and certain cancer treatments, for example, might cause pain during sex. Using drugs and medicines can lead to infections. 

You must have figured out what factors can affect your vaginal health up to this point. The crucial thing is to keep these factors in mind and try to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Read further to know the tips to keep your vagina healthy. 

7 Most Effective Ways To Keep Your Vaginal Area Clean And Healthy

So do you also want a healthy vagina? No doubt your answer will be yes! Well, it's easy. You just have to follow and keep in mind the below-mentioned things. 

  • Take Care Of Your Health

You should eat well, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly. This is beneficial not just to your entire body but also to your sexual organs. Chronic illnesses, on the other hand, can put women at risk. Poorly controlled diabetes, for example, increases a woman's risk of yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

  • Arrange Regular Screenings

Keep up with your health screenings and visit your gynecologist regularly. Remember that pap smear screening intervals vary depending on your age and your Pap smear results. HPV vaccination is especially crucial for young women to reduce their risk of cervical cancer.

  • Prefer Water Mostly

You must be aware that the vaginal organ is self-cleaning. Harsh chemicals, prepackaged wipes, or douching can disrupt its normal process. Hence, detox vaginal. If necessary, a light soap can be used on the external genitalia. The majority of treatments sold to make women feel or smell better are unsupported by scientific data and can cause other issues. If you have very sensitive skin, keep an eye out for shower soaps and shampoos. Laundry detergents, dryer sheets, and even some lubricants can irritate the skin.

  • Have Safe Sex

Protecting yourself from sexually transmitted illnesses and undesired pregnancies is important. With any new sexual partner, insist on using condoms.

  • Try Out Natural Lubricants

Coconut oil or olive oil can be superior lubricants and vaginal moisturizers than commercial products, making them a viable alternative for women. 

  • Keep A Bit Of Pubic Hairs

Trimming hair along your bikini line is good. We all know that no one prefers to keep it. But you should keep a bit of it. Why? 

Well, pubic hair provides a variety of functions. It protects your vagina from different microorganisms and eliminates friction and perspiration difficulties. Less hair removal also means less itching as the hair regrows and fewer cuts and scrapes, and ingrown hairs.

  • Choose Comfortable Clothes

It's quite common that healthy vaginas are made of breathable clothing and fabrics. Underwear made of cotton is a wonderful choice. It contains moisture-wicking capabilities to prevent bacterial growth by limiting the quantity of moisture on the surface. Changing off wet clothing as soon as possible might also help limit problems. Whatever type of underwear you prefer, make sure you replace it every day.

So there are a lot many ways through which you can easily take care of your intimate parts. 

Other than these, various products in the market can assist you in keeping your vagina clean. There are several vaginal health products on the market—some helpful, some terrible, and some completely unnecessary. 

Knowing your risk factors and adopting organic products can help you avoid future infections!

So yes, there are a variety of vaginal care products in the market that can help avoid infections in your intimate areas. So if you're looking for products for your intimate parts, check out Millennial Naturals

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