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Nature-Friendly and Organic Menstrual Products to Try

We as consumers are becoming more and more aware of the harms of products made of artificial substances. Be it the food we eat, the makeup we use, or the clothes we buy; we choose to go green. There is a greater push towards using eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives.

But what about our menstrual products? Most of your pads and tampons (most of them) are made up of synthetic materials and come covered in plastic bags, which leave a damaging impact on the planet. Not only do they harm the planet, but these synthetic materials used in the production of pads and tampons can cause harm to your health as well (vaginal health in particular!).

Your vagina is a fragile and permeable part of your body. Traditional menstrual products contain certain toxic chemicals (like dioxin) that can make their way directly into the bloodstream from your vaginal walls. Exposure to such chemicals has shown an increased risk of cancer among women. Conventional pads that contain artificial fragrances (made from harmful chemicals) can cause irritation and hormone disruption. 

If you care for your menstrual health (and for the health of our planet), switching to organic menstrual period products will be your best decision. 

Let us learn more about the benefits of these organic menstrual period products before you can decide why to choose them.

  • Organic pads and tampons contain no harmful chemicals or toxins. 
  • The organic pads are breathable (hence more skin-friendly). 
  • They are free from plastic and other synthetic materials. 
  • They are composed of 100% organically grown cotton. 
  • They are biodegradable. (Organic pads can degrade in as little as six months!)
  • They help reduce period complications (read: cramps, nausea, etc.). 
  • Organic menstrual period products reduce the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). 

These are just some benefits of using eco-friendly menstrual products. The fact that you will contribute to protecting the environment will make you feel happier than ever!

Kinds of nature-friendly and organic menstrual products - 

Many women have a pertinent question: Which organic menstrual products should I try? What kind of nature-friendly period products are available in the market? Well, we are here to answer your queries. Below is a list of the five most popular eco-friendly, organic menstrual period products you can use - instead of the conventional ones. 

Reusable Pads:

You might have come across a reusable pad featured in an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram - aesthetically designed, eco-friendly, and available in various prints. You use reusable pads in the same way as conventional non-reusable ones - secure them to your underwear from where they can absorb blood externally. 

However, they differ from conventional pads in some ways. Some reusable pads come with two separate parts. First, there is a washable holder that clips around the crotch area of your underwear. Second, there is a removable absorbent pad insert. These pad inserts can be washed, reused, and even doubled up in proportion for your heavier days. 

Another kind of reusable pad comes with a single piece of fabric that can be attached to your underwear. Both kinds are comfortable, easy to clean and come in different sizes for different levels of flow. 

Eco-friendly tampons:

Millions of women globally use tampons during their menstrual cycle - most of these contain toxins and harmful chemicals. They leave a harmful impact on our vaginas as well as our environment. Eco-friendly tampons are here to save both. They are made up of 100% organic cotton and are free from pesticides/insecticides residues. 

Most eco-friendly tampons are free from the plastic covering and plastic applicator - therefore eliminating the use of plastic. Some eco-friendly tampons also come with nature-friendly, reusable applicators (which can last a lifetime!). Women say that these applicators are smooth, easy to use and fit every tampon size. 

Menstrual cups: 

A menstrual cup is a small funnel-shaped menstrual period product that can be made of silicone or rubber - free from chemicals and toxins. They are carefully inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual fluid during the cycle. Cups are proven to hold more blood than pads or tampons, therefore perfect for women who experience heavy flow. 

Different women need different sizes of menstrual cups, depending upon their age and blood flow. Menstrual cups are eco-friendly and budget-friendly as they are a one-time investment, unlike the pads or tampons, which have to be continually purchased. 

Reusable menstrual discs:

Menstrual discs are similar to menstrual cups - both have to be inserted into the vagina to collect blood during menstruation. The difference lies in where they are positioned. A cup is inserted in the vagina and sits beneath the cervix, extending into the vaginal canal. A disc, however, fits in the vaginal fornix (that is, the area where the vaginal canal meets the cervix). 

Reusable menstrual discs are made up of medical-grade silicone and can be worn for up to 12 hours. They are eco-friendly and sustainable and can last for a long time. If you are looking for something that feels almost non-existent and allows you to have penetrative sex during the menstrual cycle - consider giving menstrual discs a try. 

Reusable period underwears: 

Period underwears are the special underwears worn during the menstrual cycle replacing disposable period products such as tampons and pads. They are made to look and feel like regular underwear - just with extra fabrics in the crotch area - to eliminate any discomfort. 

The absorbent materials of these undies can absorb light to heavy blood flow (depending on the type of underwear you have.) They can be washed and reused, making them sustainable and economically more viable. If you want a hassle-free and leak-proof period, make the switch to period underwear. 

These above-mentioned products are alternatives to conventional menstrual period products that have been polluting our environment for a long time. As responsible consumers, it's high time that we do a favor to the environment (and ourselves) by opting for these nature-friendly organic menstrual products. Choosing the right product for yourself depends upon two things -

  • Your lifestyle and blood flow.
  • The cost factor. 

Apart from using organic menstrual products, you also need to pay attention to your vaginal hygiene. The vagina is the most sensitive part of your body that needs attention and care. Ignoring vaginal hygiene can result in irritation, itching, or even infections in that area. 

At Millennial Naturals, we are dedicated to fulfilling your vaginal care needs. Choose from a wide range of unique, organic products which are affordable and skin-friendly.