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Vaginal Dryness

As women grow older, it is common for them to suffer from conditions such as vaginal dryness. This occurs because the level of secretion of estrogen drops as you age. Estrogen is essential for maintaining natural lubricants that are discharged by our body to keep the vagina healthy. With the decline in estrogen level, there is a decrease in the production of these lubricants, leading to vaginal dryness and related symptoms. 

In most cases, this occurs somewhere around menopause but can also occur earlier for some women. Other than menopause, some contributors to vaginal dryness are breastfeeding, chemotherapies, hysterectomy, use of certain medications like contraceptives, anti-depressants, etc. 

Without medication or treatment, this vaginal dryness can worsen over time. While we can’t grow younger or turn back to our youthful days, there are various other remedies to this problem, thanks to advancements in medical science. You can now choose from several remedies to combat the issue of vaginal dryness. 



Pick from the list of some of the ways that we have mentioned to benefit your vaginal health. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy, often referred to as HRT, uses bioidentical hormones to fill the place of natural estrogen, which has been lost due to aging. These bioidentical hormones are similar and equivalent to the hormones that are produced by your own body. As a result, they would not have any side effects as such and are safe. Additionally,  hormone replacement therapy can be customized to meet your requirements to ensure that you and your body get what is required to combat the symptoms and issues. 

Vaginal dryness products

Without a doubt, hormone replacement therapy is a perfect solution if you wish to deal with multiple symptoms caused by the low level of estrogen. However, suppose you notice that the only problem that you are facing is vaginal dryness. In that case, it is advised that you go for vaginal suppositories for dryness, such as vaginal lubes, topical estrogen creams, and moisturizers. 

These products can be applied directly to your vagina at a regular interval of two to three days or more frequently, as per the requirement. They can help in keeping your vagina moist and relieve the symptoms related to vaginal dryness. 

However, ensure that your moisturizer, lube, or other vaginal dryness products do not contain glycerin, as that may have an adverse effect and increase vaginal irritation. 

We at Millennial Naturals provide products like Kitty Kartel and Kitty Syrup, which may help maintain your vaginal health.

Switch up your body care routine

The various items like body washes, soaps, moisturizers, detergents, etc., have a high chance of having irritating effects on your sensitive and delicate vaginal tissues. Even the vaginal soaps and cleansers can have such an effect if not chosen properly. Despite being made specifically for vaginal care, they can result in extreme dryness and irritation at the end of the day if you decide on reducing their use or anything as such. It is therefore advised to ensure that you use the products only after thoroughly researching. 

If you feel irritation of any sort, it is recommended that you immediately switch the products you’ve been using. Ensure that you use the most gentle products for your intimate areas. Shop at Millennial Naturals to get the best quality organic vaginal suppositories for dryness for your care and hygiene. 

Regular sexual activity

Having consistent sexual stimulations helps in increasing vaginal health to a great extent. Whether done with a partner, alone, or with the help of some toys like vibrators,  the act of sexual stimulation increases the blood flow and vaginal secretions and can reduce dryness. 

While having sex with your partner, try engaging more in foreplay. We cannot ignore the value of foreplay for those who suffer from chronic vaginal dryness. This would not only increase the blood flow to the genitals, but the better stimulation would also increase the amount of natural lubrication and vaginal elasticity. Additionally, the act will make you feel more aroused, making sex more enjoyable and a comfortable experience. 

Pelvic floor exercises

Weak vaginal muscles regain strength as a result of regular pelvic exercises. Pelvic exercises like Kegel helps in relaxing tight muscles and strengthen the ones that have weakened over time. They also increase the blood flow to the vagina. This can help a lot in maintaining vaginal moisture.

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