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Vaginal Revitalization: Why You Should Never Ignore Pain During Sex

Live, laugh, love- has been our motto since forever. But what do you do when pain mars the experience you have with one of these vital 3? Pain during sex for people with a vagina can be a real turn-off and something no one should have to suffer regularly. However, the reason behind this doesn't always have to be grim, and it's easy to regain the pleasure of sex if you know how to indulge in natural vaginal care.

According to experts, more than 75% of women have experienced painful sex at some point in their life. Sometimes it could be because you are not used to your current partner or because you have a hormonal imbalance causing vaginal dryness, which results in painful sex. Here are a few other common underlying reasons:

  • Infection

  • Bacterial infection is very common, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and don't have enough time to care for your intimate hygiene. Use vaginal detox pearls once in a while for complete intimate care. 

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  • Less lubrication

  • Younger women have an increased sex drive because their vagina has a natural thin moisturizing layer, due to which intercourse is enjoyable. Depending on higher or lower estrogen levels, the vagina either produces a thinner layer of moisture or is completely dry. If you are under prescribed medications, you might want to talk to your doctor or simply use external moisturizing elements if your vagina is fully dry. Vaginal lubricant products work the best, with added essential oils and vitamin E oil.

  • Hormonal fluctuations

  • Have you ever wondered whether your decreased libido is the reason for painful sex? Hormonal fluctuations might cause you to experience lower libido, leading to a nightmare in bed. Honey pot vaginal wash helps you maintain a great pH balance and hormonal levels since it is entirely water-based.

  • Menopause

  • Menopause is an extremely difficult phase for women, with their bodies going through a constant change over time, accompanied by mood swings and health problems. Besides being cranky all the time, one can experience extreme pain while having sex because of the drying vaginal walls. With no natural vaginal lubricant present, you do not have enough sexual responsiveness for arousal, leading to painful sex.

    Don’t ignore the signs

    The most common signs of vaginal dryness are:

    • Burning sensation during intercourse
    • Itchiness and dryness
    • Redness around the area, accompanied by sore labia
    • Tearing sensation on the labia
    • Pain persisting even after intercourse

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    The need for addressing sexual pain

    Women often try to normalize sexual pain because of a lack of the right kind of knowledge. Never hesitate to address the problem, as it might pose a threat to your life, or in some cases, it might lead to lifelong discomfort. The best treatment option for sexual pain is an immediate remedy- using lubricants and moisturizers. You need to address sexual pain caused by vaginal dryness because,

    • Dryness causes itchiness, leading to discomfort in the labia and inflammation at the opening of the vagina
    • Bleeding during and after sex
    • Traumatic experience with intercourse, with prolonged effects
    • Lower libido due to lower level of estrogen, which is, in turn, caused by the stress of having painful sex

    Overcoming sexual pain

    If you have started to experience vaginal pain quite recently, the chances are that you will recover quickly. However, if symptoms have persisted and neither medication nor old wives' tales work, the only effective route left to be tried out is using completely natural vaginal care. This is possible by using products that are water-based and contain no traces of gelatin or petroleum, as they are further responsible for UTIs, which cause pain. 

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