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Yoni Pearls: Everything You Need to Know

Also known as herbal tampons or vaginal pearls, yoni pearls are a quick and easy way to detoxify your vagina, simply with the insertion of a small ball of highly potent herbs wrapped up in cloth and string. More than just a trend, yoni pearls are beneficial, with the assurance of Ayurveda to back it up.

Ingredients of yoni pearls

The best thing about yoni pearls is that they are all-natural and only use 100% safe to use, biodegradable, and herbal products to maintain your vaginal health. Based on very old science, yoni pearls consist of organic herbs and plants with phytoestrogenic benefits like - rhizoma, rhubarb, motherwort, angelica root, safflower, peach kernel, osthol, and borneol. All of whose benefits, especially towards maintaining vaginal and menstrual health, can be discovered with a glance on the internet. The exact composition may differ from one manufacturer to another, but the above list accurately represents most of the ingredients used.

What are the health benefits offered by yoni pearls?

Gone are the days of being concerned about your vaginal health and not knowing what exactly a healthy vagina is supposed to look, feel and smell like. With yoni care products, there are several health benefits such as:

  • Relief from fibroids and ovarian cysts.
  • Helps maintain menstrual regularity and prevents PCOS.
  • Raises libido and improves the chances of pregnancy.
  • Reduces inflammation and irritation along vaginal walls.
  • Maintains vaginal pH balance and prevents dryness.
  • Pulls away toxins from other scenarios of intravaginal insertion, thus providing relief from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other such diseases.

How to use yoni pearls?

There is no doubt that the vagina is a very sensitive area of our body, and all products used for benefiting it should be thoroughly read and understood to provide maximum applicability. Yoni pearls are also a product that requires the user to follow the steps to provide the best effect carefully. The steps, although simple, must be followed in the sequence given below:

  • The number one carrier of all diseases is the hands, and they should most definitely be washed thoroughly before touching any private parts.
  • The cheesecloth covering the yoni pearls must be partially loosened rather than removed.
  • The pearl may then be pushed in as far as possible to be no longer visible. However, the string attached must still be accessible.
  • It is advised that the yoni pearls can be left inserted for at least 24 hours for full effectiveness. However, you must not engage in any sexual activity or be on your period during this time.
  • After a full 24 hours, the yoni pearls can easily be removed and discarded without any pain.
  • Observing a thicker discharge or more of it is normal, considering that this is a sign that the yoni pearls have worked and the toxic build-up is ready to leave the body.

When should yoni pearls not be used?

Yoni pearls are safe to use by everyone who has a vagina. However, people who have previously tested positive for herbal product allergies might find it easier not to use yoni pearls. If you are on regular medication and need to take blood thinners and anticoagulants, using yoni pearls is not advisable. Last but not least, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use yoni care products as it can cause miscarriage.

As a whole, there are no side effects of using yoni pearls as long as the guidelines are maintained. Some women may observe itchiness, cramping, or slight inflammation. This can signify that the pearl has been left inside for too long- maybe over 48 hours. The symptoms should naturally fade away after removal; however, it might be best to consult a doctor if issues persist.

Why choose yoni pearls over other products?

There are several other vaginal health products available on the internet today. However, not everyone can offer the quality of yoni pearls, and neither are their benefits testified to by hundreds of clients worldwide. So here is a list of 4 benefits to why using yoni pearls might be better than other over-the-counter products available in the market.

Yoni pearls not only clean but detoxify your vagina

Unlike other products such as vaginal wipes and douches, yoni pearls aim at not only cleaning your vagina but also working inside out in keeping it free from the toxin build-up from previous menstrual tools such as tampons and sanitary napkins. It also helps to cleanse your vagina of traces of prior sexual intercourse.

Yoni pearls are easy to use

With a mechanism similar to that of a tampon, yoni pearls are exceedingly easy to use and offer a wide range of health benefits if applied properly. It is a product that uses a pain-free insertion method and causes minimal side effects for most people. Moreover, there is no need to go to a fancy spa or disclose your identity. The entire process of using yoni pearls can be done easily at home, even without having any prior experience.

Yoni pearls are not going to break your bank account

A set of three yoni pearls come at an average market rate of around $30, making it cheaper than most other products out there, and that too for a longer usage time than the more expensive ones. Of course, we don't need to mention that it is cheaper than going to a spa.

Yoni pearls are all-natural and do not contain any added chemicals

Unlike most brands who only advertise themselves to be completely organic and all-natural, yoni pearls hold up to this promise. After all, this is something that you are inserting into a very sensitive body part, and there should be full customer transparency. There are no added chemicals or toxins in the product, which negates the possibility of toxic shock syndrome.

Where to get your dose of yoni pearls?

As understood from the above, yoni care products are a revolutionary product that every woman must use at least once in their lifetime. However, any product is good only if the company manufacturing it intends it to be. 

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