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Kitty Kare Deluxe Set

3 Reviews

3 reviews

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Introducing the Kitty Kare Deluxe Set - Your Complete Intimate Care Squad for Unleashing Confidence and Balance!

Hey, fierce and fabulous felines! Ready to revolutionize your intimate care routine then Meet the Kitty Kare Deluxe Set - your ultimate ticket to reclaiming comfort, radiance, and unapologetic confidence. This set includes all your must-have essentials for a complete self-care experience that leaves you feeling empowered from head to toe! 🌸🌈


1 order of 3oz Feminine wash, 1 order of 30 count Kitty Perk Capsules,  1 order of Kitty Syrup in Rose & Mint, 1 Kitty Kodeine Salve in original, 1 order of 8oz Kitty Koke Soak, 1 Kitty Rocks scrub, 1 order of Kitty Pops Detox, 1 Honey Ginger Shaving Butter, 1 Kitty Essence, 1 Kitty Dust Powder, 


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