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Eat Me-ow Oil

14 Reviews

14 reviews

1oz size 

Introducing Eat Me-ow Oil - Your Juicy Ticket to Sensual Delights!

Ready to elevate your intimacy game with a touch of sweetness? Meet Eat Me-ow Oil, your invitation to indulge in a world of sweet sensations and playful passion. Get ready to turn up the heat and savor every moment with this delectably edible massage oil! 🔥🍓

🌈 The Eat Me-ow Vibe 🌈

Life is an adventure, and your intimate moments deserve a flavor-packed upgrade. Eat Me-ow Oil is here to spice things up, adding a luscious twist to your connection and igniting the flames of desire. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to a whole new level of pleasure!

🍓 Sweet Surrender: Dive into a sea of tantalizing strawberry flavor with every drop of Eat Me-ow Oil. Crafted to tickle your taste buds and elevate your senses, it's the perfect companion for turning ordinary massages into unforgettable, delicious experiences.

💋 Unleash Your Passion: Confidence is your power, and Eat Me-ow Oil is your ally. Its mild fruit taste makes it discreet, and will have your partner thinking you were naturally born as a strawberry patch kid. 

🍓 Juicy Adventure: Your intimacy journey just got a lot more exciting! Experience the thrill of giving and receiving massages with an added twist of flavor and excitement. With Eat Me-ow Oil, every touch becomes a memorable adventure.

🌈 How to Savor the Flavor 🌈

  1. Set the scene for intimacy and grab a bottle of Eat Me-ow Oil.
  2. Gently warm the oil between your hands and let the seductive aroma fill the air.
  3. Explore the art of touch and taste as you create memories that are both sensual and delicious.
  4. Apply anywhere else you desire to eat or be eaten.

INGREDIENTS: Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Peppermint Oil, Strawberry extract. 

CAUTION: Store in a cool dry place. Do not insert dip tube into vaginal canal. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

1 year shelf life from purchased date. 

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