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How Do I Know If I Need A Vaginal Moisturizer?

How Do I Know If I Need A Vaginal Moisturizer?

Our vagina is accustomed to the healthy secretion of moist liquid, which acts as a natural vaginal moisturizer. The sign of a normal, healthy vagina is that it is hydrated. The moisture keeps the harmful bacteria, yeast, etc., at bay and creates a habitable environment for good bacteria that helps in maintaining the healthy pH level of your intimate area. This wetness is caused by estrogen secretion. Most women go through painful vaginal dryness caused due to a drop in estrogen levels at some point in their life. 

As a result of this dryness, several other problems also arise, including a burning sensation in the vaginal area, pain and/or slight bleeding during sexual intercourse, soreness, urinary tract infections, vaginal itchiness, yeast, and bacterial infections, etc. 

Causes of vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is generally associated with menopause because, at this stage of life, the level of estrogen secretion drops drastically. As a result, the vaginal lining thins down. Due to this thinning of the vaginal lining, fewer cells produce vaginal moisture, hence the dryness. However, menopause (natural and induced) is not the only reason for decreased estrogen production. Some other factors that cause estrogen levels to drop and cause subsequent vaginal dryness include: 

  • Breastfeeding
  • Excessive stress
  • Depression
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Childbirth
  • Rigorous training/exercise
  • Immune system disorders
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Specific cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, pelvis subjection to radiations, etc.
  • Chronic illness
  • Eating disorders

Apart from these, some medications like oral contraceptives and acts like sexual intercourse or douching might also result in vaginal dryness. 

When do I need a vaginal moisturizer?

Well, you are never too dry to use vaginal lubrication products. If you notice any symptoms of vaginal dryness like itching, stinging, or have a burning sensation, you must turn to an organic vaginal care product. It is a must if you are going through a menopausal stage of your life. Apart from this, if you are on oral contraceptives, are sexually active and experience dryness after sex, are pregnant or have had childbirth, or are going through radiation therapy, you must opt for a good natural vaginal moisturizer

Many women are not willing to acknowledge the problem of vaginal dryness. They feel too embarrassed about it and are not comfortable talking about it with anyone, including the doctors. However, you must understand that neglecting vaginal dryness will not only be uncomfortable or painful but will also lead to further problems. It will also have an adverse impact on your sex life. The drive for sex will be reduced as a result of vaginal dryness. A contributing factor can be the painful experience during sex induced by inadequate lubrication and the tearing of vaginal tissues. 

As far as sex life is concerned, a temporary solution can be the use of vaginal lubricants, which supplement your natural secretion. But that will not protect you from other issues like the growth of harmful bacterial and fungal infections, UTIs, imbalance in the vaginal pH, etc. To prevent these, you must use vaginal moisturizer suppositories or other forms of natural vaginal moisturizer. Moisturizing products like Kitty Syrup by Millennial Naturals work wonders in nourishing your vaginal area and removing harmful bacteria. This vaginal care oil works as a natural lubricant and treatment oil. 

Answer to two simple questions

The answer to ‘how do I know if I need a vaginal moisturizer’ is quite simple; just answer two simple questions.

  1. Do you feel any symptoms of vaginal dryness?
  2. Do you want to do anything about it?

If you notice a symptom like friction, itching, stinging, burning, etc., it is high time you looked for a supplement to add moisture down there. Instead of avoiding addressing it due to ‘embarrassment’, understand that this is natural, and most women go through this at some point. More importantly, it needs to be treated to ensure good vaginal health. 

Why vaginal moisturizers, and not just lubricants

Vaginal lubricants are a short-term answer to vaginal dryness. For instance, you can use lube during sexual intercourse; however, the dryness will creep back in after a while. On the other hand, an organic vaginal moisturizer clings to your vaginal lining for a longer period. It helps rehydrate the dry mucosal tissue and is absorbed in these tissues. It mimics the vaginal secretions and restores the vaginal pH balance.  

Types of vaginal moisturizers

There are different forms of vaginal moisturizers. These include:

  • Vaginal soothing creams and vaginal care gels that can be applied directly on the vaginal lining with the help of applicators or by fingers. 
  • The most effective organic vaginal suppositories are pills or capsules like Kitty Pops Detox
  • Natural oils that come in the form of capsules or oil bottles are also effective. 

Always pay attention to your kitty needs and ensure that you keep the area hydrated and moist. This will keep you, and your kitty feeling happy and loved. Visit our site at Millennial Naturals to get natural and organic vaginal care and skincare products! Your happiness and health is our goal.